The paradise called Samos


The rain is pouring outside as I’m writing this, since I’m back home in Holland. So I’m just going to close the curtains, put the heater on and write this post. The past two weeks I was on the beautiful island called Samos, this is an island in Greece near Turkey (seriously you could swim to Turkey is you wanted to). I had so much fun and it truly is my paradise as you read from the title. Now this blogpost is going to be long because I am going to talk lots and lots about my holiday on Samos. Get ready.

I must warn you, most of the island is mountains, so get your stomach ready for those roads and be carefull. But that is the only thing about Samos that I don’t like. Most people don’t want to go to Greece right now for summer. They say that you can not withdraw any money and that the refugees are ruining  your holiday. Now let me tell you, we didn’t have any of these problems. You can still get cash from the bank and I didn’t see 1 refugee the entire two weeks. The media makes it such a bigger problem. This frustrates me.

Now can I tell you about the beach? OMG I loved it! Now I am a person who can just lay on the beach for the entire day. Not that I’m capable of lying down a whole day, but every now and then a swim and after that sun. Per-fect. Now there were three beaches which were my absolute favorite. Now I must tell you that I am more of a person who likes a stone beach rather than a sand beach, so these three are stone beaches. The sea has this beautiful aqua colour and has a really nice temperature.

The first beach is on the south of the island called Limnionas beach. This beach is more like a bay, we went to this beach a lot just because it was really pleasant. We rented beds for a day and had the nicest time. The food from the taverna there was delicious with a very nice looking lad working there. The second beach is Tsamadou beach, this beach is on the north of the island and is much more crowded but the sea is even more aqua on the north side of the Island and there is more wind which makes is less hot. The third beach is Potami beach, the picture shows Potami Beach from a viewing point on the road that leads to it. Potami Beach is located on the north-west side of the island. And if you like waves, this is the beach for you. Not the biggest waves for surfing but high enough for a really fun day at the beach. But I do feel like Potami beach is really commercial which I’m not very fond of.

Now what we usually did was that we went you see something culturally and after that in the afternoon we would go to the beach. Now if you like that, you can visit lots of monasteries. The ones in Samos are beautiful and often the location makes it worth going. And the funny thing is, in summer, people actually live there! So you see those, oops, I don’t really know how they’re called sorry. Now Samos is not the place if you want to shop until you drop, I liked a few places but wasn’t blown away. You often drive through these places and it’s nice I guess, not much more to say about that.IMG_0064

I like heat, I like warm weather, so Samos is perfect for me, if the apartment has air conditioning for the evenings. Now the wind on the island really determines the temperature, more wind, the feeling of lower temperature. The wind is more on the north on the island, but since we stayed on the south, the clothes we wore were very simple. Bikini, bikini, bikini. It was so hot and you wear as minimum clothes as possible. So I wore this piece which you can just throw over your bikini which was perfect.

I so loved this island, it was my second year on Samos and I still had loads of fun and did not get bored. Thank you for reading this blogpost about Samos and had fun doing so. And if you maybe consider ever going I hope that this post helped you with the decision.

I hope seeing you on the next one!

With much love,



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