Get to know me

Welcome dear readers to my first ever blog post!

As you might quess from the titel from this blogpost, I am goin
g to introduce myself before I begin with the adventure that is called WordPress.

But can you really know a person by just reading her blog? Do you really know someone after she said a few facts about herself? Certainly not, but I hope that you will know much more about me by reading my blog and getting to know me along the way.IMG_9937

So let me introduce myself. I am Fabienne, but please call me Fabi or Fab. My birthday is on the 24th of August 2000, so that makes me almost sixteen years old. I still live with my parents in a small town in The Netherlands.

The next thing you should know is that I am a really positive person and just a really grazy person, which I’m aware of. So this blog is not going to be about me who will be complaining about her miserable life, but just about me living the best life I can.

The next thing I’m going to do is to answer fifteen questions that should help you to get to know me a little better.

  1. Favourite colour? Bordeaux red
  2. How tall are you? I am currently 1.72 meters tall
  3. Funniest moment throughout school? The first time I wore heels to school I almost fell…
  4. Your favourite/worst subject in High School? Fav, arts. Worst, math (cliché)
  5. Favourite drink? I am totaly aware that I am a Coca Cola Light addict
  6. Favourite animal? Flamingo
  7. Favourite perfume? Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
  8. Favourite YouTuber? Nikkietutourials
  9. Favourite movie? Into the woods
  10. Favourite tv-show? How I met your mother
  11. Favourite memory from childhood? The swingset
  12. Fashion sense? Classy with a rough edge, always trying to stay fabulous.
  13. Android or Apple? Apple
  14. Siblings? I have two older brothers
  15. Bad habit? Binging on Netflix when I should be studying

But hey, those things are just facts about me, not particularly who I am. So I hope that you will be there for the next couple of blogpost to get to know about the things I do and the different opinions that I have.

I hope that you liked my first blogpost and I hope that you will enjoy the next few posts!

See you on the next one!

With much love,