Positivity should be a part of your life, here’s how

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining.”

This is a quote that if I ever decide to get a tattoo, it would be this. This is a quote that I repeat every single day. Let’s talk about being positive, something that I try to be. A while ago someone asked me because of what I am who I am and what inspires me. This of course got my crazy head thinking and made me write this blogpost. Enjoy reading all of you lovely people!

Positivity. It is something so important, almost magical. No, it doesn’t help you go to Neverland of turn your online bought prom dress into a beautiful gown, but being positive or having lots of positivity makes your life much better. Let me tell you why.

A happier life is a healthier life. There is this happy hormone called endorphin, it is produced when for instance you laugh, hug, kiss or work out, the things that make you happy. The benefit of producing endorphin is that it reduces pain, endorphin is a natural painkiller. Isn’t life much better with less pain?

About 20% of the population is or has been depressed (In The Netherlands but also in the VS). This rate is huge! It shows us that life is hard and I get that, believe me when I say that I do. But it is important to learn how to deal with depressing of nerve-racking moments in life and not let the negativity control you. These are a few symbols to help you with this.

First up is the heart: The heart stands for your goals, ask yourself what you want to achieve  in not a to long period of time. Think about a year max. 5 years. Next up is the owl: The owl is wise and surely not dumb. The owl sees everything, the good and the bad. The owl also decides if a (negative) thought is relative or not. Think about your feelings and see if they are relative or not, most depressing or nerv-racking thoughts and feeling are not relative at all.
e50aa75ca28265b5cc69f92c055e6ee4Then we have the soft kitten: The kitten is all about being kind. Not only for others but also being kind to yourself. Pamper yourself! Go do something that You want to do. Lastly is the elephant: The elephant has a very tough skin and does not let things get to him, but he does carry it with him everywhere he goes. He does not let an emotion be the boss of him but he does carry everything around with him.

So when you are in a difficult situation, think of what your goal is, when your journey gets tough think about it all but you got to take care of yourself to not let it destroy you but to let it in and carry it around with you to make you even stronger. And when you succeed, much happiness will happen to you.

Also seek for the little happy things in life, like a cute picture of a kitten, candles, flowers, stars or music, many things in life can make you happy, you just have to find them.

I hope you thought this blog post was usefull. I think I re-wrote it for like ten times. I hope to see you on the next post! I also started a YouTube channel wich is also Fabilogblog so make sure to check that out.




Dumb people around us

Dear readers,IMG_9013

I am so pissed, literally I am so annoyed. So here’s the thing. In my last post I wrote that the weather in Holland was horrible, well it’s now 30 degrees outside. Yeey. But there is one thing: I am really insecure about my body. I will never and I mean never be comfortable in my bikini. But today I was sorta comfortable in wearing shorts to school.

But it seems like other people don’t mind that somebody can feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Now I’ve got to say it, I am overweighted, I know that. And I’m working on it, I really am (more about that in the future). But I don’t need to hear that from others. I don’t need to hear someone, someone who doesn’t even know me, say ‘fat’ when I walk across them. That just upsets me you know?

The dummest thing is, that person doesn’t even know me. I feel like that’s something that people need to remind themselves of: you never truly know a person. You (almost) never know the whole story, what they are going through. And she mumbled it, she didn’t even have the courage to just say it out loud, in my face. Probably because I would have punched her in her face. Wait, that isn’t the dummest thing. The dummest thing is that I let it get to me. Is it really that normal that I get upset? Is it normal that I almost ran to the bathroom and just cried? Of course, that is the story you always hear, but it’s not normal.

Now this is kinda a cliché, but my name, Fabienne, starts with fab. So I like to call myself fabulous, to give me confidence. When I was sitting on that toilet, I was giving myself a little pep talk. “Who gives a f*ck what that b*tch think.” “So what? I’m f*cking fabulous!” that sorta things. This helped me throughout the day thankfully, but not without putting on a mask.

But I am who I am, so I want to think of positive things only. So if a b*tch calls me fat, I just see it as motivation. You’ve got to prove people wrong, prove people that you are better, better than them even. I feel like giving yourself that little pep talk when you are down is very important. I helps for the emotion eaters, drinkers or users. So I just deal with it that way.

Maybe if one of you reading this is harming yourself in any way possible, letting your emotions do that to you. I hope that you maybe try the pep talk thingie out and hopefully stop hurting yourself with either food, alcohol, drugs or razors. Because you are worth it, you are awesome and the world needs your awesomeness.

Thank you all for reading this and thank you for letting me rant about something.

With much love,


My every day make up

Hello everyone!IMG_8149

As you read from the title, this is a beauty post. Jep, my first beauty post. In this post I am going to talk through all the make up that I use on a daily basis. So let’s get started!

I want my make up to be fresh, to look natural. But I still want every thing needed covered. Also, the ‘masterpiece’ needs to stay put all day. So to start of I use the Nivea Men Aftershave balsem sensitive. Thank you nikkietutourials for giving me this tip.

The first thing I do after priming is covering the worst bits on my face. This means my dark circles and the worst spots. For this I use the Kiko full coverage concealer. Now for foundation I use one that is actually not available worldwide but only in Holland. We have a store called Douglas where I buy the ultralight foundation. This foundation is just really a lightweight foundation with not so much coverage but enough to hide. I first used the foundation from Yves Saint Laurent the Encre De Peau. But this was a bit expensive for me. I apply my foundation with the Yves Saint Laurent Perfecting polisher brush. After foundation I conceal AGAIN, yeah I need it alright. I use the Smashbox camera ready bb cream eyes. I put this on my under eye area and any other blemishes/spots.

Now to not make you look greasy all day, I apply the Clinique superpowder double face makeup. After that, contour. I use the Benefit Hoola bronzing & countouring brush to apply the bronzing shade from the Rimmel Londen sculpting palette from Kate Moss. I’m not an expert in countour so I can’t help you there. I use the same brush and the blush shade from the same palette for blush. If any of this is too harsh I take a big brush with some face powder and go over it.

The thing I am most confident about definitely are my eyes. First I use the Collistar eyebrchanel_202tissecamelia002ow pencil on my waterline to open up my eyes. The next thing depends on my mood. If I want more of a soft look I use the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eye Shadow Palette in the shade 202 Tissé Camélia and then the pink shade from the palette. OR I use the Catrice cosmetics Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette to create a more bronzed look. From this palette I use the glitter shade in the inner corner of my eyes.

Now I always get really nice compliments about my eyebrows. But all I do is plug them the right way and in the morning all I do is brush them into place with either an old mascara of an eyebrow brush. I curl the lashes after that and apply the mascara They’re real from Benefit. I have a certain way to apply my mascara which is that I always use more on the outside of my eyes to make them more ‘flirty’. I don’t really put lots of lip product on, usually just a lip balm because I think that without lipstick or so it really makes it seem natural. But every once in a while a lipsticks completes the look.

The very last thing is totally optional, but if I want it to feel more fresh I spray the Avène Thermal Spring Water. And that’s it! Those are the things that I do most of the days. This sure was a lot to write so if you made it this far, good job!

I hope seeing you on the next one, please let me know what you want to see.

With much love,