Let me break the cliché of a psychologist

Let me tell you one of my secret: I’ve been seeing a psychologist for almost a year now. I’ve seen that lots of people for who seeing one would be really helpful do not so because they do not think that it is helpful. Films have given us an image that seeing a psychologist is sitting on a sofa and telling someone how you feel while they just nod.

Let me tell you that these things are not the truth. Of course, the experience somewhat varies with different psychologist, but let me tell you how my appointment are. She sits behind her desk while I am a opposite from her also in a chair, no sofa. The very first appointment has the subject ‘what exactly is f*cked up in your life’ He/she will then prepare things for the next appointments. In the following appointments it starts with if there have been things in the past two weeks that I wanted to talk about.

I am happy enough to have found a psychologist who truly understands me. She is able to not exactly make me tell about how I feel, but she is able to make me connect the dots to just make life more sense. She gives you the path to make you solve your prob
lems. When you understand your problem, why it is a problem, why it happened, why it is reasonable and how it can be solved. But she does not solve them for you, that is your own job. You have to see it life this: You are walking on a path leading to Zen-on-the-Yellow-Brick-Road-500x330your goal, but because of problems there is lots of fog hanging over your path, making it difficult to see. Then someone comes in and teaches you how to make the fog go away, leaving you with a clear path you can easier walk to your goal.

I first saw mine psychologist every two weeks for 7 months and I truly was so much more happy with my entire life leaving me with not wanting to kill myself. Then the appointments stopped because I didn’t need them anymore. This was until september when I relapsed into bad habits and I’ve been now seeing her for two
months I think. I wanted to write this to make people see that seeing a psychologist is not a bad thing, it is not giving up, it is not failing, seeing someone might lead you to the path of happiness and if you read my blog post about that, you know just how important that is. I hope that when you read this, it will help you. I thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see you on the next one.

All the love,